Taking Advantage of Cryptocurrency – Keynote

Taking Advantage of Cryptocurrency

Spending, saving, surviving into the future

While not a fad, cryptocurrency has not delivered everything acolytes have promised, and recent volatility has left gamblers in debt.

Block chain technologies and virtual currencies are a new reality, but while some people still struggle to manage their personal, normal finances well, the new currencies are either scary or too alluring for safe transactions.

In this keynote, Charlotte Kemp, your Futures Alchemist, will help you to demystify, understand and explore how you can use cryptocurrencies.

Audiences will learn:

- How money has long been a virtual medium of exchange

- What cryptocurrencies really are and how they work

- What blockchain is and what it is used for

- How to identity scams and danger around cryptocurrencies

- How to approach financial planning in a world where assets become less physical and more virtual

- Be reminded of the real assets that we should be investing in to ensure financial security into the future

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