Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors Keynote

Defining the line between fact and fake

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Smoke and Mirrors' totally wow-ed the audience at the recent Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. It is an engaging and fun look at the line we draw between good PR and tasteless spin.

Presented by two industry professionals, Richard Mulvey and Charlotte Kemp, this message is both a serious challenge as well as a tongue-in-cheek look at how we convince clients to buy us.

Fully customizable

In an age of fake news and plummeting trust, how does an organization market themselves with sizzle, while maintaining integrity? It is this fine line that Charlotte Kemp and Richard Mulvey explore in their signature keynote, Smoke and Mirrors.

Suitable for audiences who face clients, sell products or pitch ideas, 'Smoke and Mirrors' could be the cornerstone of your next conference and offer your delegates a talking point for months thereafter.

Use this keynote to open a conference on corruption or ethics. Set the tone for an authentic and honest conversation in a marketing, PR, sales or media convention.

The message will be crafted to match the theme of your event and highlight your values and personalities.

Sharing a challenging message with a story or with humour, always works better than trying to convince people to change with a barrage of facts and statements of opinion. Let 'Smoke and Mirrors' be the start of a new understanding for your audience.

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Charlotte Kemp

Charlotte Kemp is a futurist, author and professional speaker and has been awarded the PSASA Founders Award. She works with companies to plan strategies for the future.

Richard Mulvey

Richard is a veteran of the speaking industry having served audiences for over 25 years. He has earned the Southern African Speaker Hall of Fame and Founders Awards and motivates sales audiences around the globe.

What others say about 'Smoke and Mirrors'

Douglas Kruger

International Speaker and Innovation Strategist, SA

Your presentation with Richard Mulvey, titled 'Smoke 'n Mirrors' blew everyone away at the conference. It's not often that speakers impress other speakers, but you certainly did it! Very creative, very original, very, very enjoyable! Thanks for putting in so much work and customisation. We loved every moment!

Paul Ter Wal, President Elect of GSF

Global Speakers Federation, Netherlands

Smoke and Mirrors; Charlotte and Richard gave us a two-person humour full presentation at the PSASA International convention, April 2019. Their presentation was full of energy and jokes, custom made for the occasion. They grab the attention of the audience and keep the audience connected the whole time. Much laughter and recognition, as they showed us their version of our reality, in smoke and mirrors. Great preparation, which made it look easy, but hard work to get there. I love their style; will be great to see them again soon.

Madeline Black

International Speaker and Psychotherapist, UK

I had the pleasure of hearing Charlotte speak with her husband, Richard Mulvey, at the PSA convention in South Africa. Together they were so entertaining! It’s hard enough to speak alone but they were a great double act. Both had amazing stage presence and fantastic comedic timing. I would strongly recommend Charlotte as a speaker.

Roger Harrop

The CEO Expert, UK

Richard and Charlotte are a simply fabulous double act that will massively enhance your event. They are very funny, thought provoking and relevant. You need to book them now!

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