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27th Mar 2018
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My husband, Richard Mulvey, is fond of saying that the best day for a speaker is standing in front of an audience, at full fee. The second best day, is standing in front of an audience for free.

We are not sure where to place virtually standing in front of an audience, for full fee, but it has to be up there in the top 3.

Most speakers and trainers have the desire to be in the same room as their audience while speaking. We enjoy the energy and visual feedback from the audience. But that isn’t always possible, and with today’s technologies, it isn’t always necessary.

At the PSASA’s annual convention this past weekend, I facilitated a virtual panel where our speakers shared their insights about virtual work.
In the room with me was Ian Hatton, a busy virtual presenter on the topic of virtual leadership. He trains around the world, from the comfort of his home and demonstrates how to keep audiences engaged via a screen and how to manage virtual teams in different parts of the world.

Ian has shared his insights and more practical tips in an interview on my Future Focussed Business show on Hashtag Radio and on a PSASA Online Meeting. Click the links to hear the recording and see the YouTube video.
From Santiago, Chile, we heard from Michelle Clarke, a lifestyle and performance coach, who coaches clients and teaches coaches, from her lovely adventures in Chile to clients who are elsewhere in the world.

Michelle's picture does not appear in the video, as her camera was on Mute, but you can hear her voice and wisdom.
And then from the other side of the globe, came insights from Tom Abbott in Singapore who teaches and keynotes via online tools, where it is more practical and cost effective for his clients.

A quick summary of the presentation: ** Virtual presentations should not be seen as a second best option, but often times a more practical option than in-person presentations.

** Virtual presentations should be sold at the same fee as in-person presentations as they take the same, if not more, preparation, engagement and energy from a speaker.

** Virtual presentations, as follow up to live events, can be added as additional benefits or sold as the primary product, depending on the client.

** There is a world of opportunity that we should not be afraid to explore.

This video is well worth watching to be inspired and encouraged to explore virtual presentations.

Please share in the comments, or send me a message, if you do any virtual work.

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