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Keynotes and Webinars

You are invited to join us for these open keynote presentations or conversational webinars where we will discuss, unpack and discover how to apply many of the futures thinking / strategic foresight models that are available for us. We are not victims of the future. We can co-create our shared futures, and these keynotes and webinars will show you how.

While the topics may sound intimidating, all of the material is designed to be accessible without any additional studies. Examples are provided to demonstrate how to apply these to different levels of complexity such as to your own career, your family, your organisation or even to city or country levels.




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The next public events

Futures Literacy

The Professional Development Skill we are missing

11 February 2021

For professionals and leaders who need to constantly develop their professional skills, Futures Literacy is an essential but often neglected field. Within the field of Futures Thinking or Strategic Foresight, this skill is the introduction to a powerful world of insight, models and approaches that can help you to steer your organisation through crises to success.

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country or a profession, then we cannot communicate clearly in that space. We are unable to read the signs, heed the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.

Learn to read the signs, signals and symbols of the future

18 February 2021

It is possible to learn to read signs that indicate how the future will unfold, and to what extent we can influence it. Futures Literacy gives us a language, an alphabet and others symbols to interpret what we are seeing, and then to determine how to respond.

From fads and trends, to scenario planning, flags indicating which path we are likely to be on, and more, we can learn to read, interpret and discuss the future.

Conscious Futurist - Keynote

18 March 2021

It is no longer enough to be a conscious leader. As we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, completely unprepared for the global disruption we have experienced, we need to be more than just invested leaders. We need to be more than responsible consumers. We need to become conscious futurists.

We have the opportunity to shape our lives, businesses and world, into something that is better than it was. Being a Conscious Futurist means you grasp the challenge to go beyond the obvious to design a better future.

We can move up a spiral from levels of Survival, through Responsible and Invested to being Conscious Futurist and more.

Reinvention - Webinar

25 March 2021

Irrelevant. Inexperienced. Outdated. Old fashioned. These are judgments made about too many professionals’ experience and the reason why so many previously suitable candidates can no longer get good positions.

In a fast paced, VUCA world, we need to be on constant guard that our skills, experience and qualifications are relevant to the current and future requirements of our career choices. We need to reinvent both ourselves and our organisations.


Learn LinkedIn - Training

11 March 2021

LinkedIn is the most effective tool for branding, positioning and lead generation and yet most people only scratch the surface of what is available even on the free version of LinkedIn.

Designed specifically for business use, LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your expertise, explain your solutions, reach new potential markets and nurture business relationships.



Past Events

Webinar Calm mind Vuca world Charlotte Kemp

Developing a calm mind in a VUCA world

28 January 2021

Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous. Never before has this description applied as appropriately to the world as it does today.

How do we as leaders and citizens, maintain a calm, logical, resourceful mindset in the midst of what often seems to be a chaotic world. How do we set goals, makes plans, formulate strategy in a chaotic, unpredictable world?

How to think about the future Charlotte Kemp

How to think about the future

21 January 2021 - Keynote

In this current bewildering world, where the rules are constantly changing, and disruptions like the COVID pandemic affect the entire world and are decimating industries and where politics has divided us and often times scared us, it is difficult to know what to think about the future, let alone how to plan for it.

So how do we think about the future in this emotional turmoil? How do we be responsible leaders, business owners, consultants in a VUCA world?

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Learning to Read the Future, Today!