Motivation to attend

Why me? Why this mastermind? What value? ROI?

When you are working on finishing this month's admin and trying to make the figures for this quarter look good, it is difficult to justify taking 3 days to learn how to approach the future. If now is so pressing, then the future has to wait.

But perhaps you are different. You know that you have to budget your time to prepare for that inevitable future, even as you spend the rest of your time working on today, and that is why you want to attend this mastermind session.

It doesn't matter where you are in the hierarchy of your company, or how long you have been working at your career. Everyone benefits when they learn more futures thinking techniques and your company and industry will benefit if you are more aware and prepared and strategic.

Please give me some details to work with: your company name and industry, who the decision maker is about this event and their position, what you do, why you want to attend, etc, and I will send a letter regarding the value that you will acquire on this mastermind and the value to the company.

Remember that for if you book and pay, you may bring another colleague from your same company, on the same ticket.

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