Monsters and Talismans – Keynote

Monsters and Tools, Hazards and Talismans

Preparing for your Future

Our journey towards the future is inevitable and endless and for many people facing rapid change, it is intimidating too. After years of both experiencing and studying our responses to challenges, hurdles and hazards in our lives, Charlotte Kemp, the Futures Alchemist, has designed a map that prepares the intrepid traveller for the expedition of a life time.

The future does not only contain bright shiny things, like robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and self driving cars. Far more important than these current distractions, are the fundamental principles that we can tap into so that we can anticipate change, prepare for challenges and take advantage of opportunities. This will ensure that our future is one we face with optimism, hope and the start of a real plan.

There is a distinction to be made between limitations that are internal, personal to ourselves and external problems that are caused by our physical and social environment. Likewise, there are two types of responses - those that we have control over and those that require cooperation with others. Learning to identify between these different problem sets, our monsters and hazards, as well as the solutions, our tools and talismans, means that we have a better understanding of the real issues, we can take ownership and certain situations, and we can develop responses to issues beyond our immediate control.

Companies who fail to consider and respond to the challenges of the future, lose their way in an unknown world, without direction. Their failures are the landmarks for other companies to learn from and avoid.

In this keynote, Charlotte Kemp, Futures Alchemist, takes the audience on a panoramic view of the future, allowing them to identify some of the hazards in their path and to see what tools they can develop to help them get to their destination both safely and successfully.
Audiences participating in this keynote, will

- Realise how much of the future is in their hands

- Distinguish between challenges that are internal and under their control to change, and those that are external and where approaches to mitigate them need to be developed

- Begin to identify tools and approaches that can be added to their tool box for the future

- Feel empowered instead of intimidated, by thoughts of the future
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