Looking for me?

The other Charlotte Kemps

I don’t know if they check me out, but I know about them. The other 'Charlotte Kemp's. I know where they are, and what they do, and when they win a swim meet, because, well I Ego Surf*. So let me introduce you to the others. Then you can decide if you have found the right website for the right woman.
* Ego Surf - to search the Internet for instances of one's own name or links to one's own website.

Charlotte Kemp, the fashion journalist

She has three daughters who help choose her clothes, and a husband who is bewildered about the size of her wardrobe. In comparison, I have two daughters whose wardrobes I envy. And I have to coerce myself into buying new clothes. All I want is to wear boots, denims and black shirts - every day.

Charlotte Kemp-Muhl, model and rock star

She is a multi-talented musician and has been modeling since the age of 13.

I own a swimming costume, which lies in my draw with the tags still on, after 3 and a half years. And there is slight hearing loss in my right ear, which results in muffled laughter from my husband when I sing, even though I am convinced I am hitting every note right.

This one also has her own Wikipedia page. And I have wiki-envy.

Charlotte Kemp, the Missionary

Charlotte (1790-1860) and her husband James Kemp were involved in some impressive mission work in New Zealand.

I have never been to New Zealand. But I do go to church. But that still isn’t me.

Charlotte Kemp, the swim champ

She is a tween who is a great swimmer. In the UK.

Well you already know about my swimming costume. But my youngest daughter is a water-polo player and can be found practicing at 6.30 in the morning and doing matches at 8 pm. That’s at night. In Cape Town. In May. Which is cold.

So, if you have worked your way through my namesakes and not found who you are looking for, then maybe it is me. Click to check.

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