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22nd Jan 2018
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A few years back I lost a business and I shared that story in my book “I’m Not Afraid of the F Word. 50 Lessons Learned on the Way to Business Failure”.

I spoke for some time on the topic of this book, encouraging entrepreneurs not to give up when they face failure, but also to be realistic about this current venture and to pull the plug, with good professional advice of course, should the need arise.

Then I moved on to training people how to use social media to market themselves, mostly because I had learned so much trying to market myself and the book with zero marketing budget.

And then recently I evolved my speaking and teaching into the futures thinking field and I have rebranded as a futurist.

This mini time line is important because I think it represents my own evolution of concern, from the immediate repercussions of a current business failure, to intentionally marketing, branding and building sales funnels, to now taking a step back and looking at our careers, families, and industries and beginning to prepare better for the future.

My short early morning radio interview with Abongile on Cape Talk this morning, reminded me why I wrote this book in the first place. It is difficult to be an entrepreneur or business owner, and the chance of risk is high. But there are things that can be done to mitigate potential disasters. One of those ways is learning from other people’s mistakes - like my own.

In fact one of my best stories is about a woman who bought my book on a Friday and made a fundamental business decision by Monday and avoided a whole lifetime of troubles for it because she saw my mistakes and decided not to do the same.

This is the very foundation of futures thinking, which is the field I am now working in. When we take a strategic approach to the future, take a step back and see a bigger picture, and then consider alternative scenarios for the future, both the ones we want as well as the ones we wish we can avoid, then we start to give ourselves a chance to avoid disasters and take hold of opportunities.

I wrote the book with that in mind and I am always happy when I learn that my honest account and transparency has encouraged someone or helped them to a better decision.

Please have a listen to the short interview with Abs, and consider buying a copy of the book for yourself or for a friend who is in business.


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