Fads, Trends and your Successful Business – Business Breakfast

An understanding of trends and getting comfortable with uncertainty will help you to navigate the future of your business.

Decide where your business is going

An understanding of trends and getting comfortable with uncertainty will help you to navigate the future of your business.

Trends are those huge shifts in society, economics, values or buyer behaviour that we need to understand in order to position our business to take advantage of opportunities or to avoid disaster.

Once we have some idea of what is happening, we can prepare scenarios to respond.

During this business breakfast, Charlotte Kemp, your Futures Alchemist, will discuss the following concepts.

- Trends - scanning and identifying trends, counter trends and short term fads

- Uncertainty - how to measure and manage it, how to calculate risk, how to mitigate its effects

- Scenarios - how to consider possible futures and make plans to avoid disasters and take advantage of opportunities

During this session:

1. You will see how other companies have ceased to exist because they failed the futures test, while others have gone on to out-last and out-perform their competitors.

2. You will find niche markets in both the trends and counter-trend movements that will provide you with profitable leads.

3. You will find new ways to encourage your staff and sell to your clients who feel insecurity in uncertain times.

4. You will begin to think of multiple solutions to your key sales, marketing and HR concerns.

The Presenter

Charlotte Kemp is a futurist, author and trainer.

As a futurist, Charlotte loves exploring the origin and natural destination of things that interest her, as well as understanding to what extent we can influence the major themes in our lives.

As a business owner, Charlotte knows what it is like to lose a business and feel helpless and also how to now plan a better, more robust strategy to make businesses more sustainable as they face uncertainty, volatility and change in the market.


Book here

Bring your leadership team, managers, sales, marketing and HR professionals.

R750 + VAT per person

R4,000 + VAT for table of 6

Randburg, Gauteng - 18 July (Wednesday)

Steenberg, Cape Town - 24 July (Tuesday)

Bookings are done via Quicket. Please contact us for any necessary paperwork to support the booking.

Time: 8 for 8.30 to 11.30 am. Breakfast is included.

  • Charlotte is the driving force behind our Mastermind group of speakers. She is organised and pays attention to the details that make the group effective. As the leader of our discussions she manages the flow of the conversation and ensures we are all engaged. I commend Charlotte for the time and energy she puts into the task of keeping our group running smoothly.
    Lois Strachan
    Professional Speaker
  • Charlotte is the only travel guide to the future that you will need. Her ideas and techniques will help navigate your company from here today into the future without having to leave your boardroom. We have worked with Charlotte on a number of occasions and will again: her open, caring, humble approach to facilitation gives one a sense of control over the process, yet guided with care and precision through the content. Brilliant.
    Bruce Wade
    EM Solutions
  • Charlotte has shown such a high level of passion towards the benefits of Master Mind groups that her enthusiasm got me hooked.

    Not only did she hook me, she also was willing to hold my hand in getting the ball rolling with setting the group up. She was extremely helpful and guided us where we needed help. We now have our Master Mind group up and running and I'm sure it will be a success based on the coaching and mentoring that Charlotte has afforded us.

    Jason Sandler
    Professional Speaker
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