Explore the future


Let's go on an expedition

You are an adventurer, an explorer. You realise that the only way to not be left behind with respect to the future, is to brace yourself to find out more about it. Explore it. It is a strange new land and you want to make sure that you and your team are ready for this journey.

How will you prepare yourself? What tools and provisions do you need to take with you? What challenges, dangers, and even monsters, may you encounter and how will you cope? Do you have a map, or even a direction that you think you are going in? Who is on your team with you, or whose team do you join?
As you explore this new world, how will you cope with hardships? Will you long to turn back, or have the strength to persevere?

What keeps you going? Is there a prize that you believe is on the other side of this journey? Or are you possibly following someone you believe in, hoping that they will lead you to a new land where you can have hope. Are you wanting to find a new place to settle, or are you committed to journeying a long time before stopping.

What makes the journey worth it for you? What occasional joys or treasurers will make the effort worthwhile?
"You don't have to have it all figured out to start to move forward."


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