Expedition to the future – workshop

Expedition to the Future

A Change Management Workshop

Journey with us into a new land, a land where no human has yet set foot. Why would we go and risk our comfort for this daring adventure? How do we prepare for the unknown? How do we respond to the terrain and an environment full of hazards, pit falls and quick sand? What are the monsters that may lurk nearby, perhaps invisible but certainly powerful and dangerous?

Companies and organisations that fail to anticipate and prepare for the future, both in terms of their technologies and structures, as well as in preparing their people, find themselves irrelevant. They are not too big to fail. They simply are no longer necessary in a new world. This level of failure is fatal to business survival.
This workshops helps people to start the process of equipping and re-skilling themselves and developing new approaches so that both they and your organization, remain vital and vibrant.

A change management workshop focused on futures issues

Too often, change management workshops assume that the change is initiated internally and that the process being discussed is one where the company sets the agenda and tries to bring all stakeholders on board.

But the reality is that the biggest changes that we have to manage are ones being imposed upon us; imposed by other companies, other countries, demographics, technology, chaining customer behaviour, and the brazen activities of oblivious starts ups in other parts of the world who have no idea that should their invention be adopted, it would mean the loss of half your business.

Agenda and objectives

A one day, immersive and fun workshop, Steampunk styled, this event will take your people on a hero’s journey that will teach them to identify and be clear about challenges to your corporate future, and give them experience in overcoming those challenges. Their increasing success teaches them to be resilient and creative with future problems.

- Identify the purpose and how to define victory

- Encounter monsters and hazards - internal and external challenges that affect change on us and prevent us from responding adequately

- Discover tools and talismans - internal responses and external values to nurture to overcome the challenges

- Experience applying tools and talismans to the monsters and hazards

- Become empowered with an understanding of how to categorise challenges and find ways to overcome or work around them

- Apply this understanding to some real world issues

- Evaluate how successful they have been in this journey in terms of understanding and insight

- Experience a sense of victory and accomplishment

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