Charlotte Kemp

This is me

Imagine waking up one morning and realising, with delight, that your hobby has become your career!

I don’t mean speaking. That’s just sexist. Women don’t really talk that much!

What I mean is, that I discovered that all my years of nerdish devotion and fan-girling over sci-fi novels, paid off.

My curiosity in various, disparate fields had suddenly found a common home, a theme that made what had appeared to be a somewhat ADHD mind, suddenly seem Da-Vinci-like in its insight.

I know. That sounds grandiose and self-indulgent, but surely you know how exciting it feels when things just come together and gel and make sense and you can see the yellow brick road in front of you and it is so full of promise.

My childhood crush was on Isaac Asimov - I loved everything he wrote. And I knew exactly which nerdish friends at school could understand obscure references from Douglas Adams. Heck, I even chose my husband based on our shared laughter over Adam’s stories.

While my sci-fi education is not complete, it is varied and interspersed with reading fantasy, studying education and psychology at university, poking around in issues of human motivation and wrestling with philosophy and theology. And when I started attending lectures about futures studies at Stellenbosch University, I was delighted to learn that a futurist must have a handle on all this and more: politics, economics, sociology, demographics, and all the futurist principles as well.

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