18th Apr 2018

A Virtual Presentation on Virtual Presentations

My husband, Richard Mulvey, is fond of saying that the best day for a speaker is standing in front of an audience, at full fee. The […]
12th Feb 2018
Preparing for the Future

Repairing or Preparing – How to prepare for the future

Many years ago, I wrote a book about my business failure. I had purchased a franchise and through a series of misadventures, had lost it and […]
2nd Jan 2018

Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa

PSASA Supporting the speakers of Southern Africa The PSASA is the professional body representing speakers, trainers, MCs, entertainers and more in the Southern African area. PSASA […]
18th Sep 2017

The Deadly Seducer – Cindy Pivacic

The Deadly Seducer What a fascinating journey Cindy has been on. With a candor that startles, Cindy tells the story of how she came to contract […]
11th Sep 2017

Different Way of Seeing – Lois Strachan

A Different Way of Seeing A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an “Ordinary” Life in an Extraordinary Way. Lois went blind in her early 20s as […]
1st Sep 2017

Why you need a Mastermind Group

How to achieve more together icon Way back, when movies were black and white and not even 3D, a man called Napoleon Hill wrote a book […]
17th Jul 2017

It’s My Birthday

And I’m giving away the gifts I am fortunate to have some amazing friends and colleagues, and some of these people are part of my master […]
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