27th Mar 2018

A Pre-meditation of Evils

Premeditatio malorum, a premeditation of evils, is the Stoic exercise of imagining what can go wrong. Think of it as the opposite of ‘positive thinking’ – […]
21st Mar 2018
A present fit for the future Bruce Wade

A present fit for the future

Bruce Wade is a friend of mine and a speaking and innovation colleague. He has provided some wonderful insights into my business as I have re-imagined […]
12th Mar 2018
Preparing for a drough futures foresight

Preparing for droughts

When I was a little girl in primary school, we once had a special guest come to talk to our us. We all had to go […]
5th Mar 2018

The futures thinking value of masterminds

We had a great mastermind session last week in my women speakers mastermind here in Cape Town. Of course, what happens in mastermind, stays in mastermind […]
14th Feb 2018

But what could I have done differently?

I have shared before about how I failed to anticipate the future properly and ended up experiencing a huge and painful failure. This story is one […]
12th Feb 2018
Preparing for the Future

Repairing or Preparing – How to prepare for the future

Many years ago, I wrote a book about my business failure. I had purchased a franchise and through a series of misadventures, had lost it and […]
7th Feb 2018

Encouraging Entrepreneurs on Afternoon Express

Although my story was written a few years ago, it still hits home for a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs and their families. During my business […]
30th Jan 2018

Surviving Business Failure on CapeTalk Radio

A few years back I lost a business and I shared that story in my book “I’m Not Afraid of the F Word. 50 Lessons Learned […]
22nd Jan 2018
innovative product development

Products for the 99%

It is wonderful to discover an innovative tech company that doesn’t think that the adjective means that they must create a shiny new app. At my […]
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