23rd Mar 2020
Everyone is a futurist Charlotte Kemp

Everyone is a futurist

Everyone is a futurist. If we use the most fundamental definition of the word, a futurist is “a person who studies the future and makes predictions […]
12th Jun 2019
A decade of virtual skills

Developing Virtual Skills

Introduction Introduction As we wrestle with what our futures look like, and how we go about creating them, it is worth looking back sometimes, to see […]
28th Mar 2019
From History to the Future Charlotte Kemp Futurist

From History to the Future

I was talking to a History teacher recently at a regular parent / teacher meeting. At some point I rather gushed that History was my favourite […]
5th Jan 2019

Skill vs Effort

We have been on a pay-cation for the past 6 weeks, with 3 to go, living in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The view from […]
5th Oct 2018
Terrifying topics of the Future

And other terrifying topics

“The future is coming at us fast. Do you feel you’re ready to take on Artificial Intelligence, the Robot Generation, the 4th Industrial Revolution and many […]
12th Jun 2018
Success comes from perspective futures

Success comes from Perspective

It is somewhat of a trope, but when you Google ‘success’ and look at the images, most of them are of people ecstatically reaching the top […]
12th May 2018
The System won't let me do it AI

The System Won’t Let Me

My dad was on to something, years ago. These days he is semi-retired, intentionally has a ‘dumb’ phone and has no email address. But way back, […]
10th May 2018
aircon to politics effect strategic foresight

The air-con-to-politics effect

In layman’s terms, strategic foresight allows us to play with potential futures to either take advantage of opportunities or to avoid disasters. So let me tell […]
18th Apr 2018

A Virtual Presentation on Virtual Presentations

My husband, Richard Mulvey, is fond of saying that the best day for a speaker is standing in front of an audience, at full fee. The […]
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