3C Skills for the future – Keynote

3C Skills for the Future World of Work

Creativity, Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving

The World Economic Forum says that we need new skills to survive and thrive in the new economy in 2020. Some of their 10 top skills include Creativity, Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving.

How do we teach and inculcate these skills into our education and into our daily work lives? How do we prepare ourselves with invisible soft skills in anticipation of working in an industry that may not even exist yet? How do we become more valuable, not in comparison to a worker in another country or an immigrant, but how do we become more valuable than an artificial intelligence algorithm?

Learning and practicing creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving, is essential. Without skills like these, we become redundant.

Creativity - The ability to pair information with unusual situations to give rise to a new idea that has value.

Critical Thinking - The concept of objective analysis of information, and how to select which thinking style is necessary for a situation.

Complex Problem Solving - This is the understanding that the world is never as linear and neat as we imagine, and to apply humanity, creativity and thinking skills to solve problems in a unique and valuable way.

This talk will challenge, then encourage us to prepare ourselves and our companies for an exciting and as yet, unknown, future.
Audiences who participate in this keynote will

- Appreciate the value of what humans can do versus what robotics, automation and artificial intelligence offers

- Consider which skills they need to develop in order to remain indispensable in their industry

- Anticipate how the work place may change and how they should adapt
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