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19th Sep 2017
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20th Oct 2017
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Abigail Klopper

Confidence Crusader

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Future Focussed Business

Businesses survive and thrive when they take a future focussed perspective and pay attention to changes in the landscape. We interview business people in different fields to learn how to identify these trends.

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Abigail Klopper is on a mission, a crusade, to teach women how to tap into their own source of confidence.

In this really interesting interview, Abigail shares not only how her own career developed, but how she takes what she has researched about women, to teach them to identify and own their confidence.

This was really one of my favourite interviews. Abigail is so articulate and so well researched, that every part of the conversation is a lesson and an inspiration. I highly recommend listening to this interview.

Abigail also hosts her own podcast show, with her fellow host, and my earlier guest, Andre du Toit, the Big Positive Guy. Find them at Powerful Beyond Measure.

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