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Coaching and walking in parallel

Romy Rycroft

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Romy Rycroft is a career transition coach and a veteran in the recruitment industry. We have been friends for some time as we worked together on various projects and so it was a pleasure to interview Romy on the Future Focussed Business show to discuss the evolving world of recruitment and to understand a little about the work of a coach.

I shared my story with Romy, in the show, about hiring a business coach many years ago, and slowly coming to the realisation that this person was intensely flawed in both her own expectations of business success as well as in her coaching methodology.

Romy then explained the concept of a coaching agreement, where you have an initial meeting to determine if there is a chemistry between you or not, and then discuss expectations and how you will work together. There is also the space for an exit meeting, so that you wind up your coaching sessions in a particular way and not just let in peter out.

I love this idea. There really is huge value in people seeking the guidance of a coach but it is as much the coachee’s responsibility as it is the coach’s, to know what the relationship covers and what it does not. The coach is not a mentor, not a therapist and not a friend.

Romy’s particular role is in career transition, an incredibly important space right now as people wrestle with their changing roles in a workplace that with so many moving parts. In South Africa we have BEE regulations as well as the disinclination to hire people because of laws that appear to be confining to the employer. Whether it is young graduates trying to get their start in the corporate world, women returning to work after an absence for children, or middle aged white men trying to work out if they have a place in traditional employment or not, career transition is a conversation that affects many.

Romy also has another passion in life - walking. She has walked the Camino in Spain a few times and now takes that wonderful, philosophical experience to her coaching clients and offers them the opportunity to get coaching while walking. There is a great mental space that we achieve while walking and having coaching conversations during this physical experience, is a bonus.

There is so much to learn from Romy, and from coaches. This is a good podcast to start with, before you start a journey with a coach.

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