Ian Hatton

24th Oct 2017
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31st Oct 2017

Ian Hatton

Virtual Leadership

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One of the reasons I love doing this show, is getting to spend time with a colleague and really unpack what it is that they do. And there is no better example than this conversation with Ian Hatton.

I knew Ian did training, online, for the Ken Blanchard Group of Companies. But I had no idea the depth of experience and range of work that he does. Not only does Ian write, speak, counsel and train, but in this conversation he shared valuable insights about virtual leadership and virtual presentations.

Just to get that right - Ian trains companies virtually, on how to lead virtual teams.

I have done lots of online presentations, including the PSASA monthly online meetings, but it seems I still have a great deal to work.

Here are just some of Ian's insights:

- Make sure to have delegates engaged and take action frequently.

- Get everyone to speak or participate early or else they will be reluctant to speak up later.

- Be aware of the intensity of online work, and make sure that delegates have good breaks.

- Where possible, have more than one person running the session: you need the presenter, a technical person, someone to pay attention to the participants.

Have a listen to the show to learn much more about how to engage virtually with teams.
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Ian is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. Click on the logo to find out if this is the place for you.

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