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1st Sep 2017
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7th Sep 2017
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Speaker Savvy

It is always fascinating to get an insider’s view of an industry that is obscure from the other side. And this is what Bronwyn Hesketh has shared in her recent book, Speaker Savvy, Wisdom from the Dark Side. A speakers’ bureau owner comes clean.

With 20 years of experience in the speaking industry in South Africa, Bronwyn clearly knows her field and can share both insight and encouragement as well as serious warnings.

While this book is obviously intended for people pursuing a speaking profession, Bronwyn’s advice is valuable for the modern need for many professionals to develop a reputation for themselves and to consider their own personal brand.

Even in a world where social media is ubiquitous, and brand awareness is high, most people who need to develop their own reputation, have no idea how to start.

Bronwyn outlines the obvious steps, such as a website, relevant social media presence and being nice to those in your industry who could help you, as well as gives insight into other elements often overlooked such as connecting with your industry body, mentoring and examples of showing exceptional professionalism.

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This book is a must read for anyone in the speaking industry and highly recommended for those pursuing personal professional brand awareness - even if you fear speaking more than spiders.

Bronwyn Hesketh is the marketing director of Speakers Inc, a Founding Board member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and an author. She also runs Pecha Kulcha Johannesburg.

Bronwyn is a past member of my Women’s Speaker Mastermind group and has shared so much with us to help us grow our speaking businesses.

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