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5th Dec 2017
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Supporting the speakers of Southern Africa

The PSASA - Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, is the professional body representing speakers, trainers, MCs, entertainers and more in the Southern African area.

PSASA is a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) that allows members of PSASA access to the events, conventions and some of the teaching from its member associations.

There are currently 4 regional chapters in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria and an online meeting for people future afield.

I host the monthly online meeting, so feel free to be in touch to find out more.

But for membership and other information, check out PSASA's website and Facebook page.


  1. kennedy says:

    I am kennedy. currently residing in Cape Town. I wish to start doing public speaking. Normally I do mc as a party time and weddings and other events. I hope to be guided and learn a lot from you guys

    • Charlotte Kemp Mulvey says:

      Hello Kennedy, thank you for your message. I will ask PSASA to put your name on the mailing list. You should also visit Toastmasters for work on your speech development. They are very worthwhile.

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