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11th Sep 2017
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The Deadly Seducer

What a fascinating journey Cindy has been on. With a candor that startles, Cindy tells the story of how she came to contract HIV / AIDS, how she dealt with the person who was the cause of this situation, and how she faced her new circumstances and overcame them with passion and energy.

I have known Cindy for a long time, since before her condition was public and I am delighted to have been able to play a small part in encouraging her to set herself up to share this story.

Hashtag Cindy Pivacic

Hear Cindy on Hashtag

Cindy was my guest on Hashtag Radio. Hear her share a little about her story, and a lot about what it takes to develop a solo-preneur business.
Of course, it is not one that most people want to hear, but Cindy will make sure that you do. We cannot shy away from the issues around HIV and AIDS. Lets consider just some of them:

- Foolish sexual behaviour without adequate protection.

- The reluctance of those in the appropriate positions to have the necessary conversations with those at risk.

- That while HIV/AIDS is serious, contracting it does not need to be a life sentence.

- How families of those infected, are affected and how they can respond.

- How government and health departments can assist those affected.

- How employers can help to de-stigmatise the disease and give practical assistance.

- The myths of how to avoid or remove the disease.

To Contact Cindy

Obviously Cindy has a passionate story to tell that is incredibly important, but from my perspective, one of the most powerful things she demonstrates, beyond her book and her talks, is her healthy lifestyle. Cindy is older than I am, and yes, even while being HIV positive, she is so much healthier and fitter than I. Now that either speaks to Cindy’s healthy and positive approach to life, or my laziness. But it certainly indicates that she lives what she speaks.

And she speaks about a great deal more than just her condition. From the many misadventures in her life, Cindy has drawn some powerful lessons about overcoming adversity, building resilience and living a positive life.

Her story, her book and talks, are for anyone who thinks that their circumstances are so bad and so personal, that they cannot go on. If Cindy has, so can you.

Cindy is a member of my Women’s Speaker Mastermind group and has been an incredible source of support and encouragement over the years.

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