Reinvention and Change Management – Business Breakfast

A willingness to embrace change is necessary for the future success of your business.

Change management is a necessary business survival skill.

Reinvention is an essential business skill to propagate in our organisations if we want to keep the doors open. And along with reinvention comes change management.

As leaders and influencers in your organisation, it is imperative that you help the organisation to remain flexible and agile so that you can respond to new opportunities in the market and pivot away from threats and dead ends.

While reinvention is a long, hard road, it is immensely rewarding - and you get to stay in business! Some companies don’t have the stomach for it. They are too timid to make the moves necessary, and want to return to an illusion of an ideal past, and they will find themselves ill suited for future generations of clients who have adapted and evolved.

  You need to reinvent ahead of your clients and your competitors. And you need to manage how you communicate that change within your organisation and to your stakeholders.

During this session you will:

- Identify potential sources and patterns of disruption

- Develop a list of disruption responses

- Reinvent your organisation while remaining in business

- Difference between incremental and radical changes

- Communicate your changes and value to your clients, staff and stakeholders

- Profit from an innovation initiative

The Presenter

Charlotte Kemp is a futurist, author and trainer.

As a futurist, Charlotte loves exploring the origin and natural destination of things that interest her, as well as understanding to what extent we can influence the major themes in our lives.

As a business owner, Charlotte knows what it is like to lose a business and feel helpless and also how to now plan a better, more robust strategy to make businesses more sustainable as they face uncertainty, volatility and change in the market.

Charlotte serves on the Board of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) and has served on the Board of the Global Speakers Federation.


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Bring your leadership team, managers, sales, marketing and HR professionals.

R750 + VAT per person

R4,000 + VAT for table of 6

Randburg, Gauteng - 19 September (Wednesday)

Steenberg, Cape Town - 28 September (Friday)

Bookings are done via Quicket. Please contact us for any necessary paperwork to support the booking.

Time: 8 for 8.30 to 11.30 am. Tasty, warm breakfast is included.

  • Lyn Brandon-Podd
    Your book has been such an inspiration. (I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE 'F' WORD)

    After reading your account, I am so pleased that I asked all the right questions when negotiating with three franchise groups in the last 4 years (quick service restaurants, internet/postage cafe/ coaching business).

    All of them did not leave me with a satisfactory reason to part with money and I always wondered if I was being too diligent and careful with my research. Now I don't need to wonder anymore as the lessons you learnt have been a great encouragement to see that I have chosen the right path! I guess I learnt the lesson when my late husband bought a franchise operation and it failed miserably within 18 months as well.

    Thank you for writing this book so that we can learn, grow and share experiences with others.
    Lyn Brandon-Podd Render
    Retail Business Analyst
  • Claudia Coetzer recommends Charlotte Kemp
    Your training created a methodology-revolution in my head! I feel empowered and excited to embrace the benefits of social media for business. Charlotte is talented, funny, intuitive and succinct - loved every minute.
  • Charlotte is the only travel guide to the future that you will need. Her ideas and techniques will help navigate your company from here today into the future without having to leave your boardroom. We have worked with Charlotte on a number of occasions and will again: her open, caring, humble approach to facilitation gives one a sense of control over the process, yet guided with care and precision through the content. Brilliant.
    Bruce Wade
    EM Solutions
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