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18th Apr 2018
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26th Apr 2018
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Dylan Jooste

Hashtag Future Focussed Business

Future Focussed Business

Businesses survive and thrive when they take a future focussed perspective and pay attention to changes in the landscape. We interview business people in different fields to learn how to identify these trends.

Tuesdays Noon - 2pm, online
Dylan Jooste is a young entrepreneur who has set up a website, graphic design and photography business and is patiently bringing old fashioned businesses online with beautiful and simple websites.

We have a discussion in this show, about the necessity of a website and how design has changed over the years so that modern sites now must be mobile responsive. A huge amount of buying power lies in a site that is accessible on a client's mobile device.

Dylan has also generously offered to create a website for a listener to demonstrate how his process works.

Please listen in to the podcast to hear how he works and to be inspired about how simple, yet essential it is, to set up a website for your business.


Dylan has generously offered to create a single, simple website for one lucky listener.

Please make a comment on mine or Dylan's Facebook Page to explain why you need a website for your business.

(Hosting and registration not included.)
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