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18th Apr 2018
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Annemarie Cross Hashtag Podcasting Future Focussed Business

Annemarie Cross

Extend your professional brand with podcasting

Hashtag Future Focussed Business

Future Focussed Business

Businesses survive and thrive when they take a future focussed perspective and pay attention to changes in the landscape. We interview business people in different fields to learn how to identify these trends.

Tuesdays Noon - 2pm, online
At our recent PSASA Annual Convention, we had a presentation from David Pisarra who explained how he had grown his legal practice using podcasting.

We were all so inspired that we decided to explore the subject of podcasting a little more and my first step was to reach out to Annemarie Cross, Podcasting Queen from Australia. I first heard Annemarie speak about this on a Women Speakers Association webinar last year and she shared such great content that I knew she would give us the right direction.

So here it is, a conversation with Annemarie about extending our brand with podcasting.

Annemarie has also created a podcasting mini-course to get people started. You can access it via the link.

If you find this of value and are wanting to continue in your journey, let me know. We are hosting an online meeting in 2 weeks time with South African podcast producer, Jayne Morgan. And thereafter we will set up an online mastermind group to support anyone who is starting up. Nope - you do not need to be a PSASA member to join us on that group - just a keen novice podcaster.

Go ahead, contact me!
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