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15th Nov 2017
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2nd Jan 2018
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Ross G Saunders

Technologist, Speaker, Trainer

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Ross Saunders is a technologist, speaker and trainer as well as the Ambassador of the PSASA to GSF. I heard him speak at the PSASA mid-term convention in 2017 and was struck by how simple he made complicated tech topics. So it was a pleasure to invite him to the show. (Please note that this was the first time that we had tried to do a live show using Skype, so the sound quality is not great.)

Ross generously shared a range of topics with us, sharing an insight into everything from AI to VR. If you want a great overview of where we are and the potential of where we can go with technologies, then this conversation is well worth listening to.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Being augmented into everything

Not as much of a threat as people think, more there to help us.

Conversational Systems

Voice control, think Siri etc

Digital Twins

Virtual copies of things in the real world like wind power turbines, you can take data from the real world and stress test in the virtual world.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Things

Sensors in clothing, rooms etc. I have sensors throughout my house and we’re getting them at the office. Security is a big talking point here.

Edge Computing

The next development of cloud computing (the pendulum is swinging). Having processing power at the “edge” of a network in a particular region.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Security, Trust, Risk, Identity and Access Management

Becoming more and more important, business threats are no longer just at the firewall. Very interesting story of a group of hackers that infiltrated the US power grid.

Quantum Computing

Computing power beyond our wildest dreams is starting to look like reality. Major game changer for the medical field. Also changes security vastly, as current “unbreakable” encryption could theoretically be broken in no time. Then again, new “unbreakable” encryption could be designed.

Intelligent Apps

Combining AI, machine learning, and the apps on your phone.

Insights and Data Analytics

These are also being combined with AI, humans aren’t fast enough at sifting through the data we’re creating.

PSASA professional speaking


Ross is a member of the PSASA. Click the link to find out if this is the organization for you.

Ross is also the Ambassador of PSASA to GSF (Global Speakers Federation).

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