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19th Jul 2019
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Futures Podcast Robert Alan Black

Robert Alan Black

Developing Creative Thinking / A History of Creativity

Alan became fascinated with the teaching, training, coaching of CREATIVE THINKING beginning in 1976. He attended workshops, took university courses and complete two degrees:

1979 - MEd in Guidance & Counseling of Gifted, Talented & Creative People

1983 - PhD in Educational Psychology focused on the teaching and training of Creative Thinking Systems, Tools/Techniques, Approaches/Attitudes, Methods & Strategies.

He began attending and presenting at Creative Thinking Conferences in 1978 and has so far presented and attended at over nearly 200 of them on all 6 continents

Alan has also written or co-written several books on Creative Thinking in the US, Great Britain, Turkey, Slovakia and South Africa.

Here are some of Alan's Creative Acronyms

Creative G.A.P.S. - primary reasons most people do not believe they are creative

G - they think it is a GIFT that only a few have from birth

A - ATTITUDE greatly impacts creative thinking

P - Everything human beings do is the result of using PROCESSES - known and unknown

S - Creative Thinking is the result of strategic thinking - making choices

S.T.A.M.P.S. - People can continually learn to improve their creative thinking traits, skills through learning


Tools & Techniques




Strategies - creative thinking can be continually develop by



Recognizing / Rewarding

Educating / Encouraging



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