Katie King and the Future of AI in Marketing

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Katie King AI in Marketing Futures Facets Podcast

Katie King

Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Katie King's Bio

Katie King is a published Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. Katie was recently appointed to the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI and she is the author of Using Arti4cial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge, published by Kogan Page in February 2019.

Show notes

Katie and I had a fun conversation discussing artificial intelligence, or as she would prefer to call it 'augmented intelligence". One of the issue we discuss is the fear around AI and what that can mean for humanity and for humans' jobs. Its important to realize that we have been working on and researching AI for well over 50 years - this isn't a new phenomenon. But as it comes closer to us and we become more aware of AI in our phones, apps, email programs and AI virtual assistants, we begin to think about the implications.

Both Katie and I agree that much more conversation has to be had around AI, not only to make people more aware of what is possible - the great opportunities and valuable apps available, but also to debate what types of legislation may need to be in place as well as how we as individuals should respond and prepare ourselves. Its not likely that AI will soon take away huge numbers of jobs, especially in marketing, which is Katie's focus, but it is clear that many of the tasks that we do will now be done more efficiently and more accurately by AI. It is up to us to develop new skills and reposition ourselves to still have value in the market place, although Katie points out that we may in the future redefine our value as more than what we are in terms of work.

We also talk about practical examples of the 'Paradox of Personalisation' where customers are looking for more immediate and personalised service, which can only be delivered by AI. Katie gives an example of how British Telecoms is using their best call centre agents to train AI chat bots to settle the bulk of customers' queries, leaving the more complicated issues to be dealt with by humans. All around, this means less time on the call for everyone, and more satisfied results - making customers happy regardless of whether they have been served by AI or human.

Katie consults, speaks and runs workshops on these issues of AI in marketing, and ultimately how it affects other operational areas as well. Please see her contact details below.
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