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12th Jun 2019
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19th Jul 2019
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Brandt von West Creativity

Brandt Von West

Creativity for Innovation

Brandt works full time helping others develop their innate creative abilities to achieve success in business and their personal life.

By using creativity tools and techniques he facilitates and develops mentorship and training programs that are geared towards helping companies as well as individuals achieve results by getting them out of their own way, becoming more creative and reach success.

With his extensive travels allowing him to bring new perspectives to old problems he creates a cooperative culture in his IMAGINEERING workshops while ensuring a fun and safe environment to learn.

With an experience of 20 years as a professional writer and teacher across the globe he knows and understands how involvement and storytelling is key to transferring knowledge and with his work as a professional speaker he has brought another dynamic to his workshops with inspirational and motivational stories.
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