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Futures Podcast Binny Brahmbatt Sharma

Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma

Binny Empowers Teens


Binny Brahmbhatt-Sharma is a passionate advocate for the mental health of young people. And in a world that is increasingly complex and stressful, being proactive about dealing with the stress experienced by teens is essential.

Teen suicide rates worldwide, are at a high level in comparison to earlier generations, and Binny has a unique perspective on this. Hailing originally from India, Binny lives in and operates from Nairobi in Kenya but she has done her work around the world and sees the same stress and tension regardless of which continent she is on.

Binny has developed course work that deals directly with young people, as well as a program for teachers, and advocates a low tech / high touch connection with teens. She is particularly concerned that schools have a much higher rate of academic teachers and a very small number of councillors helping young people to develop their mental resilience.

I loved this interview. Binny has been a guest in our home and I have found her calm, deep insight to be powerful. If the youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow, then it is well worth the effort to ensure that they are safe and mentally resilient.

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