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I have seldom heard anyone as optimistic about the different generations, as Alison Godenir. Using a skill she calls ‘GenBlending’, Alison helps companies to find ways to uncover the natural talents and gifts dominant in each generational group, and find ways to respond.

There is no place in Alison’s vocabulary for such derogatory words as ‘entitled’ or ‘stubborn’. Instead she finds ways to highlight the unique ways each generation has challenged the previous one, and what those challenges can mean as a value in the workplace.

The most important lessons that Alison shares in this podcast, include the fact that in order for younger workers, Millennials and Gen Zs, to be engaged, that the workplace should understand how they communicate and not try to force them into patterns that belong to 2 or 3 generations ago.

For example, while Gen Xs encountered technology, and Millennials grew up with evolving technologies, for Gen Z, technology is the foundation of all that they do. That means they aren't addicted to it as much as Millennials may be, but are able to pick it and put it aside as they need. Each generation becomes more democratic, willing to hear the opinions of others. The old fashioned triangular hierarchical structure no longer appeals to younger generations, but rather an inclusive, co-creating, non dominating circle is a good symbol for how Gen Z wants to connect and communicate.

Of course these changes are scary for leaders, not just because they are not paying attention to the values of how generations now communicate, but because they are resisting those changes. Very often senior leaders insist that younger people must work the way they did and have the same values as they had, even though, if they paid attention to it, they would recall how they tried to challenge the status quo when they started working too.

But the biggest challenge is the sheer rate of change that the work place is experiencing. Not only are the values of the workers changing as younger generations come into the world place, but the technology evolves, the speed of communicate increases, the value of the work increases and many leaders feel a loss of control at the exponential change.

So to that end, should you need help navigating this space in your work force, Alison Godenir is the person you want to contact.
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