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30th Aug 2017
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4th Sep 2017
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How to achieve more together

Way back, when movies were black and white and not even 3D, a man called Napoleon Hill wrote a book that would become a classic: “Think and Grow Rich”. While somewhat controversial and much of it has been discredited in recent years, many popular motivational concepts stem from his work, and one in particular that I value, is that of the mastermind.

Broadly, Hill describes a mastermind group as a group of a few people who “work in harmony for the attainment of a particular goal”. He says that members can “borrow and use the education, experience, influence …” of the other members in the group in order to pursue your business, or indeed any, goals. He also claims that you can attain more in one year with the help of a MasterMind group than you could in a life time.

I have been a member of a few MasterMind groups in my career, and the one I am a member of now has undergone a few iterations. But, wow, what a group we have.

The particular focus of our group is professional speakers, who are women. We happen to be located close by each other, but nothing stops a group from being spread across the world and reaching each other online.

While our group is possibly a little larger than is advisable, we happen to have connected so well with each other that is suits us. We meet once a month, share a quick lunch and some catching up, and then we move into another room to do business.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, we all bring different experiences to the meeting. We have some people who are full time speakers or trainers, while others have other primary work and use their speaking to market their main work. We have some who are Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) and two of our number have served as Director of Division 74 in Toastmasters, which covers the Southern African region. We have a member who is in radio and another who is a speaker agent.
We have a huge range of topics too, from health (HIV and AIDS), sexuality, brain science, leadership, communication, branding, motivation to futures issues.

Over the two or three years that we have been meeting, we have encouraged each other, given support, shared resources and advice. We have experimented and changed directions, but I certainly believe that I could not have made the strides that I have, without the support of this group.

My encouragement to you, if you are trying to set up a mastermind, is to be patient. Try it out. Change members. Change groups. But be persistent. Find a group of people with similar values but dissimilar experiences and see what you can create when you put your minds together.

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