IQ to AI – Humanity’s Great Hope – Keynote

IQ to AI

Humanity's Great Hope

From man made disasters like Three Mile Island and the space shuttle Challenger, to business blunders such as New Coke and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we demonstrate that human intelligence isn’t as reliable as we like to pretend that it is. And this is long before we start cataloguing the range of every day human fails.

Artificial intelligence on the other hand, can predict outcomes of court decisions with surprising accuracy, can translate between any programmed language accurately, can find new uses for existing drugs and can beat us at chess, Go, Texas Hold Em Poker and Super Mario.

As we move inevitably, towards a world where AI encounters, collaborates with and surpasses our IQ, it is best we understand what it is about and how to use it for profit.

What comes next in our engagement with artificial intelligence, robots and chat-bots depends on our understanding of how they serve our purposes and our values. Where does AI let us down? And what is the wonderful feature of humanity that we still have to explore as AI gives us the freedom to do so.

In this keynote we will explore the limits and failures of human IQ, the extent of the power of AI and the common human problem affecting AI which should be our biggest concern.

Presented by Charlotte Kemp, your Futures Alchemist, this keynote will strip away the jargon and hype and present some real world applications that give us cause for hope and ideas for planning your successful business future.