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2nd Aug 2017
Bruce Wade – Entrepreneurial Superhero
16th Aug 2017
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Raymond de Villiers

The Future of Money and more

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Future Focussed Business

Businesses survive and thrive when they take a future focussed perspective and pay attention to changes in the landscape. We interview business people in different fields to learn how to identify these trends.

Tuesdays Noon - 2pm, online

Ray de Villiers is a professional speaker and a futurist and presents fascinating talks on fin tech, education and digital natives.

In this episode of Future Focussed Business, Ray teaches Charlotte all about crypto-currency and block chain. Definitely worth a listen - this was the first time I understood it.
PSASA professional speaking


Ray is a member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. Click on the logo to find out if this is the place for you.

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