Futures Mindset Workshop

Do you want your company to be more innovative?

Do you have people in your organization who are risk averse?

Are you being left behind in terms of industry growth or profits?

Are you losing your best people to your competitors?

Are you losing your best clients to your competitors?

With so many challenges facing us right now, why should we spend time looking at the future? What value is there in developing a futures mindset in our thinking? Why should we challenge our team members to consider where our industry might be in the future, when our department is under stress today?

For the same reason that we climb to the top of high hills, to get an uninterrupted view of the landscape, and to see where we should go next, we need a high enough perspective of the future to see which direction we should be moving in, in the immediate future.

This one day Futures Mindset Workshop will introduce delegates to the following concepts:

Trends - scanning and identifying trends, counter trends and short term fads

Uncertainty - how to measure and manage it, how to calculate risk, what it affects, how to mitigate its effects

Scenarios - how to consider possible futures and make plans to avoid disasters and take advantage of opportunities

Who should attend?

It is tempting to keep conversations of this nature to upper management or decision makers, but we recommend that you include people from different levels and departments, with different backgrounds and experience. A strategic foresight approach to the future means that you cannot approach it with a narrow focus. The more facets you apply to your exploration, the better will be your results.

So send your customer facing staff, your analysts and administrators, your legal people and financial people. You can add in some managers and decision makers and board members too. What about a session with your key accounts clients or suppliers?


With a futures mindset, you will start to see the opportunities for innovation across your company, within your industry and in conjunction with other sectors.

Risk averse decision makers will have new tools to assess opportunities, and also identify that failure to innovate is the biggest and most costly risk of all.

Developing a futures mindset within your company, means that you can tap into ideas and experience in different departments, finding new ways to be cutting edge, meet customers needs, keep good staff engaged, be profitable and thrive as a company.

Futures mindset = opportunities - risks + increased awareness + increased confidence

Next public workshop

Motivation to attend

Cape Town - 6 July 2018 (Southern Suburbs)

Johannesburg - 13 July June 2018 (Randburg)

If you need to convince a line manager or decision maker about the value of you attending this mastermind, please request a motivation letter here.


The biggest benefit

R2,550 +VAT per delegate

Early bird discount of 10% for payment 3 weeks before the event

R18,000 + VAT + R3,000 + VAT for travel, for in house events for your teams

One of the most important benefits that a futures mindset provides, is that it gives people more confidence in how they view the future. Once they move away from a fearful approach of a threatening unknown, towards an optimistic, yet cautious approach to potential adventurous futures, your team and your clients begin to be innovative and explorative providing new opportunities for you to provide your services and products.
  • Charlotte is the driving force behind our Mastermind group of speakers. She is organised and pays attention to the details that make the group effective. As the leader of our discussions she manages the flow of the conversation and ensures we are all engaged. I commend Charlotte for the time and energy she puts into the task of keeping our group running smoothly.
    Lois Strachan
    Professional Speaker
  • Charlotte is the only travel guide to the future that you will need. Her ideas and techniques will help navigate your company from here today into the future without having to leave your boardroom. We have worked with Charlotte on a number of occasions and will again: her open, caring, humble approach to facilitation gives one a sense of control over the process, yet guided with care and precision through the content. Brilliant.
    Bruce Wade
    EM Solutions
  • Charlotte has shown such a high level of passion towards the benefits of Master Mind groups that her enthusiasm got me hooked.

    Not only did she hook me, she also was willing to hold my hand in getting the ball rolling with setting the group up. She was extremely helpful and guided us where we needed help. We now have our Master Mind group up and running and I'm sure it will be a success based on the coaching and mentoring that Charlotte has afforded us.

    Jason Sandler
    Professional Speaker

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