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Future Focussed, Mastermind Sessions

Apply futures thinking to ensure your organisation will survive

Why? you ask Because professionals with these skills can develop the following super powers:

- Imagine multiple potential futures for your business and your industry

- Create the future that is preferable to you and yours

- Prepare yourself and your business for the future

- Unlearn habits and models that will lead to your business failure

- Anticipate changes in your circumstances and position yourself to take advantage of them

- Create business models that means you will survive and thrive into any future

- Learn models, frameworks, skills and language that will impress your peers - and know what they mean too

Welcome to the Industry Focussed, Futures Mini Mastermind sessions

This is a 3 day event where people in a loosely defined but related industry, can work together as a mastermind group, to uncover the challenges in their industry and then create strategic responses to them.

Tools that will be used include:

- Bias, Perspective and Values orientations

- Identifying Trend Drivers

- Trend Spotting

- Trend Analysis

- The Futures Wheel

- Causal Layered Analysis

- Scenario Planning

- Scenario Visualisation

- Scenario Signposting and Implication Analysis

- Alternative Action Plan Development

These are academic and field tested futures and foresight tools that have been used in practically every industry and with Fortune 500 companies, international organisations and governments. The skills developed in learning to use these tools can fundamentally change how you do business and how you consider the future.

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Nuts, Bolts,


- R9,000 + VAT per company (1 or 2 delegates) - The public futures mastermind is restricted to 8 companies in a loosely related industry.

- Up to 2 participants may attend from any one company for the one fee.

- The first 3 companies get veto power over the rest of the applicants.

- Venues will be confirmed before the masterminds begin

- This session may be hosted in house to facilitate conversations across departments.


Before Day 1


After your attendance has been confirmed, we will have a conversation (via phone, email or Skype) where we will discuss 7 questions about the future. This preparation helps to ensure that the mastermind session is tailored to your needs.


Before the mastermind session starts, you will be encouraged to find 2 or 3 stories about developments or occurrences in your industry that are of interest to you. These need to be brought to the first session and will help you to learn to scan for trends and evaluate them.

Day 1


Why the future?

What are our expectations of the future?

Can we actually have any impact?

Visions or daydreams?

Exploring our values and bias and identifying their very real impact on our actions.

Expressing our fears and hopes.

While this may seem like a soft start to a complex conversation, without expressing these issues, the more practical elements of the mastermind are sabotaged with fears and disbelief. It is important to air these issues first, but good preparation and the pre-event conversation often mitigates some of the concerns.

Goal of the Mastermind session

We will identify some industry problems to tackle as a framework for learning the models and terminology.

We will decide on the aims of the mastermind, what frameworks or issues we want to focus on.

We will decide what time horizon we will consider - 5 years out, or 20 or 50 etc.

We will work through 4 sections over the 3 days.

- Gather insight and information about the future

- Explore how things change

- Describe what the future might be like

- Create and test some strategies for working with the future


Using the stories that the delegates have found, as well as other prepared and industry relevant material, we will identify trends, (and fads, bubbles, mega-trends, counter-trends, trend drivers) within this industry and those outside that may have surprising impacts on our future.

Day 2

On Day 2 we explore how things change and describe what we would like the future to look like.

Develop Axes of Uncertainty

This exercise helps us to rank the levels of impact, priority and uncertainty that different factors have on our industry. It is valuable to put these into context so that we do not get overly concerned by inflammatory media issues and invest appropriately in areas needing our attention.

Causal Layered Analysis

Probably the most essential tool for uncovering the real causes of current situations and then designing new ways to influence and communicate realised values. This is a flexible tool that can be used in many situations but for designing the preferred futures of an organisation or industry, it is essential.

The Futures Wheel

This is an exercise to explore the intersection of several trends that the group has identified and to begin to imagine where those trends will lead and how they will develop. Each iteration of the trend introduces new areas of threats and opportunities. It is a challenging and often scary exercise but leaves delegates with a new appreciation for the impact of change from one industry on another as well as the start of developing foresight into the consequences of change.

Day 3


Building scenarios is a common human exercise, but this version is one where we are more strategic, considering even the elements and trends we are not happy about, and imagining what they could look like in the future.

The scenario outcomes are expressed as a story or narrative to allow them to be communicated more realistically. We then look for the flags that indicate a certain scenario is unfolding and also begin to develop action plans and responses to the various possibilities.


A visioning exercise will only be completed if this event is run in-house within a company or membership association, not in the public industry events. The purpose is to create pathways for the vision of the preferred scenarios to be created.


If we chose a particular scenario as our preferred future, we may wish to see what steps we would have to take to achieve that vision. Backcasting allows us to imagine a preferred future and identify what those steps might have been. It is a powerful conclusion to a period of time that may have been uncomfortable for some delegates.

After Day 3

This exercise, done over 3 days, sometimes takes 6 to 9 months in other organisations, so it should be viewed as the start or continuation of a journey to make yourselves more futures oriented and flexible. Topics can be revisited in shorter sessions hosted by myself, or the group can continue to meet as a traditional mastermind, using the trend cards developed by themselves, as prompts for further exploration.

Delegates can also take this material back to their companies and departments and start conversations with colleagues to stimulate new ideas.

Other materials will be available from time to time for further in-depth work.

What industries will benefit from the Mastermind?


Advertising, Public Relations

Agriculture & Agribusiness

Arts, Performing Arts, Movies, Music


Beauty & Cosmetics




Consumer Products, Retail

Creative Professionals

Education, Training (Youth, Adults)


Events, Speaking

Entertainment & Recreation


Financial Services, Accounting, Banking, Insurance

Food & Beverage

Green Technology

Health, Medical Equipment

HR and Employment

Information Technology, Web

Journalism & News

Legal Services

Media & Broadcasting



Real Estate




Transportation, Travel, Rail

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From some of our delegates

  • Charlotte is the driving force behind our Mastermind group of speakers. She is organised and pays attention to the details that make the group effective. As the leader of our discussions she manages the flow of the conversation and ensures we are all engaged. I commend Charlotte for the time and energy she puts into the task of keeping our group running smoothly.
    Lois Strachan
    Professional Speaker
  • Charlotte is the only travel guide to the future that you will need. Her ideas and techniques will help navigate your company from here today into the future without having to leave your boardroom. We have worked with Charlotte on a number of occasions and will again: her open, caring, humble approach to facilitation gives one a sense of control over the process, yet guided with care and precision through the content. Brilliant.
    Bruce Wade
    EM Solutions
  • Charlotte has shown such a high level of passion towards the benefits of Master Mind groups that her enthusiasm got me hooked.

    Not only did she hook me, she also was willing to hold my hand in getting the ball rolling with setting the group up. She was extremely helpful and guided us where we needed help. We now have our Master Mind group up and running and I'm sure it will be a success based on the coaching and mentoring that Charlotte has afforded us.

    Jason Sandler
    Professional Speaker