Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

Abigail Klopper
4th Oct 2017
20th Oct 2017
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Hosted by the IEEDC Conference Series

The Women Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual summit which brings together women entrepreneurs, key stakeholders in the financial sector throughout the continent, as well as influential global business leaders and policy makers, to look at how to put women at the center-stage of the African finance and economic development agenda to realize Africa's potential. Particularly, the theme for the Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 is Exploring the Hand-in-Hand model of Entrepreneurship: Building the capacity of the African woman entrepreneur. This is an approach based on the philosophy of self-help, providing training, skills, and support to enable poor people, particularly women and community in general, to build and sustain independent, market-based, economic activities.
The first Women's Entrepreneurship Summit, chaired by Dr Bridget Irene, was held in 2016 at Cornerstone College and I chaired a panel and spoke there.

[UPDATE: Summit is postponed.] This year's summit is to be held at Bridgeways Conference Centre, Century City in Cape Town and is hosted by the IEEDC - the International Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Conference.

Dr Bridget Irene

Dr Bridget’s main areas of interest are Gender and Innovative Entrepreneurship, impact of Culture on Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Economic Growth. Her PhD research contributes to an established discourse within the field of entrepreneurship regarding the identification and potential synthesis of personal capabilities, innate cognitive resources, emotional intelligence, and management competencies to produce distinctive formulae for business excellence.

Bridget is the Conference Convenor for the IEEDC and Women's Entrepreneurship Summit.

Ava Brown

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a master coach and transformational speaker. She grew up in a very poor part of Jamaica, where she had to work hard as a little girl just to make enough for dinner. Today, Ava is a international speaker and coach, who strives to help others reach new heights and discover their talents, passions and true purpose. Ava took control of her life and mindset, and she will teach you to do the same.

Ava's topic at the Summit:

Quantum Leaping but don't forget to build a pipeline

Pauline Ngara

As the Head of Credit Operations at KWFT, Pauline helped draft the government’s 2006 Finance Act, which regulates the micro finance sector in Kenya. Today, the country ranks thirteenth worldwide for access to credit on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index. She joined (YTEDC) as CEO in 2011 to help launch and grow the organization, and has overseen the creation of more than 200,000 businesses and 270,000 jobs in Kenya, as well (YTEDC) expansion into Rwanda to help create 115,000 jobs. In July 2016, Pauline spoke as a panelist at the 14th Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Nairobi. The conference brought together heads of state and government, ministers and prominent players from the business world, civil society and academia to tackle global trade and economic development issues.

Pauline's topic at the Summit is:

The Gender factor in business

Lizelle Coombs

Lizelle is passionate about developing and empowering people. As a professional facilitator she works closely with both entrepreneurs and employers in South Africa. As an active networker, she focuses on connecting people, creating opportunities and sharing information whilst also building a network of reliable and trusted entrepreneurial service providers. She is involved in growing business entities, all dedicated to uplift and empower people through various facilitation and engagement methods. View her professional portfolio on www.lizellecoombs.com. Lizelle is also a keen speaker at entrepreneurial events, women in business events and related conferences and is often invited as MC, or to present her very entertaining and inspiring talk called SuperNEURS.


UPDATE: This summit has been postponed due to lack of sponsorship.


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