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Jenny Afana

Starting a Business in Africa

Jenny Afana has a dream that people in other parts of the world will invest in Africa. To make her dream a reality, Jenny has done the research, written the books and set up a consulting firm, to do just that - help people Start A Business In Africa (SABIA).

In an interesting and frank conversation, Jenny explains how she returned to Cameroon after her studies in the UK, and toured her own country to understand what it takes to set up a successful business. Then she tried her own hand, made some mistakes and corrected her advice to others.

So if you want real and practical advice, to overcome those anxieties that some people have, then start with Jenny’s 3 book series, on South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon, and then turn to her for additional help.

People are often concerned about the rumours of corruption, instability and insecurity. Jenny addresses that with practical wisdom: there is corruption in every country and big company, Africa just gets better press sometimes. And there is instability and insecurity in many parts of the world, but that doesn’t stop them from being worthwhile places to invest and do business, and life and commerce certainly keeps going on.

Africa is an immensely innovative, entrepreneurial and creative continent, eager to find new ways of addressing problems and better ways of doing business. Its worth Starting A Business in Africa.

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