12th Jun 2019
A decade of virtual skills

Developing Virtual Skills

Introduction Introduction As we wrestle with what our futures look like, and how we go about creating them, it is worth looking back sometimes, to see […]
9th Jun 2019
Fundrr Funding Business Podcast Futures Facets


Fundrr An innovative and approachable small business funding platform Idan Jaan and Jared Noche are two young entrepreneurs who have developed a funding process to help […]
9th Jun 2019
Eunice Nyandat Technology Start Ups Podcast Futures Facets

Eunice Nyandat – Innovation in Kenya

Eunice Nyandat Innovation in Tech in Kenya Eunice Nyandat returned to Kenya from studying overseas, to enter a vibrant and exciting world of tech and start […]
9th Jun 2019
Jenny Afana Podcast Futures Facets SABIA

Jenny Afana – Starting a business in Africa

Jenny Afana Starting a Business in Africa Jenny Afana has a dream that people in other parts of the world will invest in Africa. To make […]
24th May 2019
Alison Godenir GenBlending Futures Facets Podcast

Alison Godenir – GenBlending

GenBlending Co Creating New Ways of Being I have seldom heard anyone as optimistic about the different generations, as Alison Godenir. Using a skill she calls […]
24th May 2019
Katie King AI in Marketing Futures Facets Podcast

Katie King and the Future of AI in Marketing

Katie King Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Katie King’s Bio Katie King is a published Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital […]
21st May 2019
Gourmet Grubb Future of Food Futures Podcast

Gourmet Grubb – The Future of Food

Gourmet Grubb Exploring an alternative protein source I first encountered Gourmet Grubb at the SAFFI conference earlier this year and my curiosity lead me to explore […]
19th May 2019
Bruce Wade Innovation in Africa Futures Facets Podcast

Bruce Wade – Innovation in Africa

Batman for Business – Bruce Wade Innovation in Africa – Podcast Interview Future Focussed Business Our view of the future comes from our perspective. Futures […]
16th May 2019
Kurai FaKurai Farming Solutions Futures Facets Podcastrming Solutions Futures Facets Podcast

Kurai Crop Spraying Drones for Africa

Kurai Farming Solutions for Africa Future Focussed Business Our view of the future comes from our perspective. Futures Facets is an exploration of the different scenarios […]
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