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12th Jan 2017
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Hirsch Women Achievers Award 2017
Margaret Hirsch is an icon in South African business and a role model and champion for women in business.

A multiple award winner herself, for her work in building a small mom-and-pop business into a mega appliance store with over 18 branches, Margaret is a strong supporter of other women. Just one of her awards was winning the BWASA Business Woman of the Year (Entrepreneur) in 2012.

As a way of encouraging and making successes visible, Margret started her Regional Business Women Achiever Awards, and I was one of the nominees in 2017.
Margaret explained her motivation for arranging these awards, which she has run for the last 4 years: “Awards give credibility to one’s business and as women, we tend to shy away from being in the limelight. …The winners and runners-up are people who not only run successful businesses, but are making a difference to the lives of others in all the areas in which they live – and ultimately, the lives of people in our beautiful country, South Africa”

The actual event was spectacular. Held at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, the decor and entertainment for the event was absolutely amazing. The final winners were Mukda Saengjinda, Melanie Paltoglou and Zunia Boucher-Myers and Roshan Isaacs. You can read more about their achievement here.
I was delighted that the keynote address was delivered by Robyn Hey, past regional Cape President of Business Women’s Association of Southern Africa (BWASA), a fellow speaker and good friend of ours. And a co-nominee was the amazing Gwen Serotti, founder of Xtraordinary Women. I have spoken at her events often and she has created an amazing support and resource for women in business.

We thank Margaret Hirsch for her support and encouragement of women in business in South Africa.

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