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Charlotte Kemp

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A motivational presentation for

August 2016

Women's Month


Silver Linings Talks are available in August for Women’s MonthSilver Linings Book Cover

Bringing our South African history up-to-date, with a stop over at where we are as women in the workplace, this talk will encourage women to take ownership of their own career paths. Whether we work for ourselves or work with a corporate or other organization, we want to explore what the future of work for women looks like, and how we can get the best advantage from that.

This motivational talk, designed for South Africa’s Women’s Month, is brought to you by someone who has worked in corporate, in the non-profit arena, owns (and previously lost) her own business, and now serves on the board of a global body in her profession.

Charlotte wants to rally women to see the potential that they have to, not only overcome any past issues, but to design their own futures and determine the value that they want to bring to their workplace.

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